Pea Protein Powder Isolate - 1Kg in Glass Jars


Pea Protein Powder Isolate - 1Kg in Glass Jars 00002
Protein Powder
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26g Protein per serving - 4g BCAA’s - 4g Glutamine

Supports muscle growth with high quality plant-based protein and complex carbohydrates. Use with your choice of any plant-based milk or even water. Blend with your favourite fruits, vegetables and superfoods for important vitamins & essential minerals.


Our Vegan Protein Pea Powder is 100% Pea protein in order to provide customers with a superior protein powder containing high quality plant based pea protein that is highly bioavailable and satiating. This first-class protein is naturally packed with vitamins D, E, K, and A, filling carbohydrates, essential minerals & aminos.

Pea protein is suitable for vegans and those following a plant-based or vegetarian diet. Pea protein is also allergen-friendly for those suffering from common food allergens such as dairy, wheat, soy, and egg. Even better, pea protein is a highly sustainable protein choice, especially compared to animal proteins, which have a large carbon and water footprint (livestock, like beef and lamb, have the highest water and carbon footprints of all foods).

In addition, plant-based and vegan proteins tend to be lower in calories per serving than animal-based protein supplements. Vegan Protein’s 100% Pea Protein Powder has approximately 90 calories per serving, whereas a typical serving of whey protein has between 100 and 150 calories per serving.

And finally, because Pea Protein is lectin free, very low in phytates and contains nothing artificial, it is ideal for those with digestive issues. Vegan Protein’s Pea Protein has a 98% digestibility rating, making it an ideal option for fueling one’s body throughout the day without having to worry about digestive complications. Say goodbye to bloating and stomach discomfort!Vegan Protein blends their isolate with nothing extra! There are no processing aides, no emulsifiers, no gums, no fillers, no added sugar, no preservatives and nothing artificial. This is carried out under strict GMP conditions with the finished product again being tested for gluten, dairy, soy and safe microbial content.

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Pea Protein Powder Isolate - 1Kg in Glass Jars
Pea Protein Powder Isolate - 1Kg in Glass Jars

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